Instagram Tips for Restaurateurs

Never has social media been more important to the restaurant business than now! According to a study by UK restaurant Zizzi, 30 percent of 18-35 year olds would skip a restaurant if they found it to have a ‘weak’ Instagram presence. In fact, the study found that if you add up all the time millennial’s spend browsing food imagery on Instagram, it would add up to five whole days. That alone should show you the power Instagram has in the restaurant and hospitality market in general.

Knowing how to use social media marketing for restaurants and how to create a social media marketing strategy is essential to making an impact when it comes to marketing to millennial’s through Instagram and social media.

Looking to promote your restaurant on social media, but don’t understand the ‘power play’?

  • First things first! know your tools. Instagram is the best free option when it comes to getting your business in front of potential customers. Not only is it a marketing tool for you to use to promote your business, but it also comes in handy when looking for good (free!) marketing ideas from other businesses in your area. It’s a great way to see what your competition is up to.
  • Second, be artistic! having the most followers on Instagram is nice, but not essential. It’s all about your artistry, your message and voice! You nail that and the followers will come! Have a new dish on the menu? Snap a a striking photo of your new dish and do some Instagram promotions!
  • Third, it’s all about the #hashtags!  Restaurant hashtags matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re marketing a new small restaurant, bar or established restaurant, choosing the right hashtags in your marketing strategy for restaurants on Instagram will work in your favor. Serving Asian cuisine in a local city, Hashtag the meal, the city and words like tasty and delicious and dramatically increase your exposure!
  • Fourth, Engage engage engage! Without consistently engaging, you risk not getting the best out of Instagram. The best way to get the best engagement is to use a service like ours that engages per niche and location up to a 1000 times a day! This dramatically increases your targeted followers. We have had clients who have been at less than 100 followers for years and now have over 5000 targeted followers within a couple months! Imagine having to send an email to every single person manually as opposed to using an email service like Mailchimp or Constant contact. That’s what Gramleap does, it automates your Instagram marketing for results.

In closing, if you’re a restaurateur, don’t ignore Instagram. It’s the voice of the millennial’s and that won’t be changing in the near future. Put your social media plan in motion. Post that first picture on Instagram, borrow restaurant ideas, contest ideas, design ideas from those who are are on top and interact with those Instagrammers! Most importantly engage, engage, engage It’s one of the best free ways to market your restaurant!

If you need assistance with Instagram strategies, marketing or automation, feel free to contact us, we’d be glad to assist.

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